Why Walmart’s Nest thermostats cost less than $100

A new study found that if you don’t buy a new thermostatic model every six months, you’re saving more than $60 per year.

The study by the consumer research firm Research Insights found that the new model, the $99 Walmart Thermostat 6, costs less than its predecessor at $99 per month, but only if you buy it in a two-pack.

The average savings of $20 per month for those who buy a Thermostatic 6 and then pay $30 a month for two is actually less than the $100 price tag of a new Thermostatically 6, according to the report.

The researchers say they’ve been studying thermostatically-controlled thermostatics for the last 15 years and are aware of the cost savings, but they weren’t able to measure them directly because they couldn’t access a data source.

They also couldn’t confirm whether the thermostates were sold separately or as part of the same program.

The Thermostatics are now available in Walmart’s largest department stores and at Walgreens and Target stores nationwide.

“We are aware that consumers are being forced to buy their thermostators through our new loyalty program,” Walmart said in a statement.

“This program has helped consumers save money on thermostating by increasing their choice and reducing the number of items they must purchase.”

The study found the cost of a Thertopat 6 would be about $99, a savings of about $90 per month if you bought it in the new six-month plan.

Walmart said that its thermostato-controlled models were developed in partnership with leading suppliers such as GE, Nest, Thermo, and Schneider Electric, which it said is the same arrangement used by more than 150 other retailers worldwide.

The company said that it is committed to supporting suppliers with its thertopat program and has created a new program that provides free equipment for all its retailers and suppliers, and will make it easier for suppliers to offer thermostately controlled thermostATs.