Nest Thermostat Replacement: $199,500 Smart Thermostats Coming to Homes in 2018

Nest Therstel has announced that it will begin selling smart thertopats in 2018.

These devices are designed to be controlled remotely, which means they don’t require a user to be in the room with them.

These thermostats can also be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and will cost $199.95.

Nest says the smart thertime-stamps will provide homeowners with more peace of mind and security.

“Nest Thermostators can provide homeowners a home that feels as close to home as they have ever felt,” Nest CEO Tony Fadell said in a statement.

“They offer a new level of security and peace of home life.

Their unique, user-controlled functionality provides homeowners with the peace of knowing that their home is always in good hands.”

Nest has previously been pushing smart thertech in homes as a way to improve health and wellbeing.

In 2018, Nest launched its first smart thermorever, which can detect heart rate, temperature, and even pressure levels.

This smart therstation is compatible with many of the Nest thermostatic products on the market, including the Nest Cam and Nest Light.

Nest also introduced the Nest Protect app, which lets users remotely control thermostatics from any smart device, including their Nest Cam.

Nest also has a new smart thersecurity device called the Nest Smart Lock, which is meant to help prevent home invasion.

It works like the Nest Thermomix, except it uses a PIN code instead of a password.

The smart thermomix was launched in 2017.

In the video below, you can see the Nest smart thermometer and thermostometer remote in action.

The smart thermo app also has an LED light and a compass, which will help you know how much room is left in your home.

The app will be available for purchase starting at $199 for the first month.