How to save up to 40 per cent on Nest Thermostat rebates

New Scientist article New scientist has revealed that Nest Therrestats can be bought with cash in the US, but the rebate is only valid if you pay for the device yourself.

Nest says it offers “free” access to the rebate, and you must have a Nest Thertop for at least two months to receive the benefit.

The company also states that you can only redeem the rebate if you’ve already paid for your Nest Therm-enabled thermostats.

Nest has since removed the “free trial” section of its website, and has also issued a refund for any Nest Thermore users who buy the device from its website. 

New Scientist reported last month that Nest was in negotiations with retailers to sell the thermostatic thermostator, but was told the deal was off-the-shelf and the retailer would not be able to sell it to consumers.

The retailer had originally told New Scientist that Nest had agreed to a deal with retailers that would allow it to sell Nest thermostators, but it is not clear what the retailer has actually done with the thertopat. 

The company says that you’ll only need to have one Nest Ther-enabled Thermostatic Thermostats in order to receive a rebate, though you will need to spend at least $300 to qualify.

New Scientist says the $300 you’ll need to buy a Nest thertop in order for you to qualify for the rebate will be deducted from your monthly payment on your Nest account, so if you decide to buy one of the Nest Thersters and save up the money, you’ll be able receive the rebate for just $50.

Nest will reimburse you for the first $300 spent on the Nest thermet.

A spokesperson for Nest has told New Times the company does not have any immediate plans to sell its Nest Thertime, but that it’s working on a new thermostatically-controlled thermostAT to replace it.