Zen thermostats ‘just like a home’ in 2018

Zen’s latest thermostatic device is one of the most stylish and efficient thermostators around.

You can choose between three different settings, including temperature, fan speed, and fan speed reduction, as well as whether or not you want to have your home automatically set to warm or cool during the day.

There are also features like smart notifications for when your heating or cooling system is going to run out of air.

Zen says its thermostator will help you stay cool when you’re at home.

“We are always striving to create more efficient and fun thermostatically controlled systems for home use.

Our new thermostate, Zen Thermostat 2, is an example of that, with innovative design, advanced sensors, and a completely user-friendly interface,” the company wrote on its website.

As for the price, Zen says it’ll cost around $200, or £160, depending on which model you choose.

The Thermosta, meanwhile, will cost around £80, or $120, depending how many different models you choose in 2018.

We’ve seen thermostates go for upwards of £150 in the past.

So what’s the difference between a Zen therto and a Nest thermostor?