How to install Apple HomeKit smart thermostats on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus

In the US, Apple is now rolling out a new home automation system that it says is compatible with a vast array of smart devices. 

The Apple Homekit app for the iPhone and iPad is now available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, as well as in the HomeKit hub on the HomePod. 

It comes with a wide range of devices to install, including smart thermo thermostants, smoke alarms, smart lights and more.

The new app is available in the US and Canada, but you will need to get a licence for it to work in the UK.

Apple HomeKit is designed to help smart home systems understand and interact with other home devices and is also used to control the lights in your home.

Apple says it will work with smart home companies to make the app easier to install. 

For example, you can now install the Apple Home Kit app on your Apple TV set-top box without having to go to Settings > Devices > Add or Remove. 

If you have an Apple Watch, it will automatically switch to the Home Kit hub.

The HomeKit app for iPhones and iPads can also be installed on Apple WatchOS 4, and the Homekit hub is also available on WatchOS. 

Apple is also now selling a special $100 Apple Watch app, which is compatible not only with Apple Home and Apple Watch apps, but also with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and other streaming services.

Apple is releasing a new app for Apple Watch that is compatible with the Apple TV app and supports Apple TV remotes. 

 In addition, it is also releasing an app for Amazon FireTV that will allow you to control your Amazon Fire television set-up.

Apple’s Apple TV and Apple TV remote apps for Apple TV are also available for download on Apple TV. 

To add an Apple TV Remote to the Apple Watch interface, simply tap the Home button on your device and then swipe up on your remote. 

Then, tap the Apple icon at the top of the screen and select Add Apple Remote. 

Now you can control your Apple Watch with your Apple Remote on your iPhone.

Apple also announced that Apple TV will be the first smart home system to support Apple’s HomeKit. 

HomeKit allows smart home devices to communicate with each other to create smart home apps and controls. 

In order to control smart lights, the Home and Garden apps on the Apple home screen can be used to create and control lights, thermostators, lights and other home controls.

The app is also currently available for the Apple Pencil. 

You can connect a Pencil to an iPhone to add a control, such as a doorbell, and you can add an alarm to a light or thermostator. 

And the Apple Remote app can also control your Hue lights and thermostaters.