How to create a smart home with the smart thermostats from Philips

Philips, makers of the SmartThings thermostatic and thermostated home devices, has revealed that the first smart therstators for use in the home will be coming soon.

The Philips AVR-1060 will come with a built-in digital thermostator, allowing it to be controlled from the app. 

The AVR 1060 will be sold with the Philips SmartThings Home platform and Philips Hue lighting hub, allowing owners to control their home remotely via the Hue app.

The AVR can also control the thermostatics temperature, and the lights.

It also has a smart doorbell, so you can say hello to the new thermostators without having to leave the house. 

It is expected that the AVR will cost around $1,000.

This means the AEV will cost $200 more than its predecessor. 

While the new AVR is expected to launch sometime this year, it is expected Philips will launch it first for the Philips Hue hub, which comes with a Hue bulb. 

“We are excited to launch the first Philips Hue thermostating home system,” Philips Hue co-founder and CEO David Hirsch said in a statement.

“This is the first of many smart therrestators we will be releasing over the coming years, and we look forward to sharing more information about this product soon.” 

If you want to get your hands on one, Philips is offering the AVD1060 for $499, or you can order one through the company’s website for $299. 

What do you think of Philips’ latest thermostable?

Are you looking forward to the AAV1060?