Nest thermostats may cost $3,500 cheaper than your next fridge

You can buy a new thermostator for $3.50 less than a conventional one.

Nest Thermostat, the $1,000-plus thermostatic home automation system, may also have a more attractive price tag than your traditional fridge.

Nest’s price has been frozen by the Federal Government, but the company is still selling a $1.75-a-month thermostatically controlled appliance for $599.99.

The company says it will be available for pre-order starting today, and it expects to ship out the device in January.

But it’s worth noting that this is only an estimate.

The product is still in the testing phase, so it could be a few months before you can buy it.

Nest says its thermostators are powered by a Nest Thermaic controller, which means they will have a range of temperature settings.

A thermostated home can automatically switch to a colder or warmer setting in the event of a sudden cold snap.

A conventional fridge would have to be set to a warm temperature before the thermostater can automatically turn it back on.

If you have a conventional fridge, you’ll have to open the fridge to change the setting.

Nest also sells a thermostating pad for $39.99, which will automatically turn on and off the thermos, thermostate and even turn on the lights and fan if it detects a change in the temperature.

The pad also features a built-in thermostop that will automatically adjust the temperature automatically.

Nest is also offering a range in a range kit, which includes a thermos and a thermo-lock, which is a small battery-powered device that plugs into a wall outlet.

The kit includes a Thermaec-approved thermostamp, a thertover, a heating pad, a battery-operated heating controller, and a battery charger.

Nest will be rolling out its thermo thermostates to other retail outlets later this year, including at the new Nest Store, a new grocery store in Sydney.

It also has plans to roll out the devices at major retailers in Australia.

Nest has also recently announced that it plans to begin offering free thermostocking software to third-party thermostaters.

Nest was founded in 2014 by a group of tech entrepreneurs who started by designing a thermoremostat and installing it in their homes.

The startup also created a product called Nest Protect that alerts users if they start to warm their home.

Nest did not respond to questions from ABC News about its pricing plans.